'F*ck you, f*g': California dry cleaner goes bonkers in pillow fight with ‘sodomite’ customer
Couple fighting with pillows - Shutterstock

Having lost in small claims court over a damaged throw pillow, a California dry cleaner is conducting a long term campaign against a customer she dispargared as a "sodomite."

According to the Huffington Post, Byron Batista took several throw pillows to North Hollywood's Rosali Cleaners last January for cleaning, only to discover one of them was damaged when he came to reclaim them.

The owner, identifying herself as Rosali, refused to compensate Batista for the damage before the argument turned ugly when the woman started hurling gay slurs at the man.

"She started saying, 'Fuck you, fuck you, fag,'" Batista explained. "That's when she took her middle finger and mimicked putting it up her butt."

After a judge ruled in Batista's favor -- awarding him $75 -- he thought his battle with the dry cleaner owner was over, but Rosali decided to not accept losing  gracefully.

Batista received a check for the full $75, however it was made out to Byron "the buggerer" Batista, prompting the man to return to the judge.

"The judge was just like, 'Oh, this is sad,'" Batista said.

Ordered to issue a new check, Batista received a money order made out to "Batista, Byron (SODOMITE)."

"I took it to the bank and the teller went, ‘Oh, my God!’" Batista said. "She sat down and wrote a letter to the judge saying they can’t accept money orders with foul language on them."

According to Batista his troubles have not ended and now he must return to the judge again.

Noting that the dry cleaner is in Hollywood -- and specializes in leather -- Batista said, "You'd think a place that cleans leather would expect to deal with some gay people."

He added, "I don’t want anybody spending their money there."