Frustrated CNN reporter confronts Baltimore cop at protest: 'Are we under martial law?'
CNN's Miguel Marquez - (Screenshot)

Protests continued in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray, leading to a confrontation between a clearly frustrated CNN reporter who demanded of a Baltimore cop: "Are we under martial law."

CNN’s Miguel Marquez was attempting to interview protesters, asking "Why are you doing this?" when a phalanx of police officers came between the reporter and his cameraman.

One police officer can be heard telling Marquez and several spectators to "step back," using his night stick to indicate the direction he wanted the crowd to move.

As police continued to cordon off the area Marquez grew angry with one cop, asking why he had to move.

"Because I asked you too, sir," the officer replied.

Marquez snapped, “Are we under martial law?” before continuing to argue with the officer -- identifying himself as a member of the media --  as CNN studio host Don Lemon can be heard saying, "Miguel. Miguel, It's not worth it."

Turning back to the camera, Marquez said, "It is shocking that in a city like this that it would come to this. I think that the First Amendment and the Constitution still applies in Baltimore.”

Watch the video below from CNN: