Nebraska woman claiming to represent God files federal lawsuit against all 'homosexuals'
Christians march for LGBTQ rights (Shutterstock)

Sylvia Driskell, a 66-year-old woman in Nebraska, has filed a lawsuit against all people who identify as LGBT, the Omaha World-Herald Reports. In a case filed on May 1 with the district court in Omaha, called, "Driskell v. Homosexuals," Driskell identifed herself as an ambassador for "God, And His, Son, Jesus Christ" as the plaintiff. The defendants? "Homosexuals; Their Given Name Homosexuals; Their, [alias] Gay."

Driskell is representing herself in the case she wrote out by hand on lined notebook paper. Her challenge: "Petition Your Honor and Court of the United States District Court of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska. To be heard in the matter of homosexuality. Is Homosexuality a sin, or not a sin."

A few standout quotes from Driskell's curiously punctuated, grammatically unconventional, Bible verse-intensive lawsuit against gay people:

  • "The Homosexual's say that its not a sin to be a homosexual; An they have the right to marry; to be parents, And God doesn't care that their homosexuals; because He loves them."
  • "Your Honor; I've hear the boasting of the Defendant: the Homosexuals on the world news; from the Young, to the Old; to the rich An famous; and to the not so rich An famous; How they were tired of hiding in the closet, and how glad they are coming out of the closet."
  • "Ambassador: I Sylvia Ann Driskell; Contented that homosexuality is a sin, And that they the homosexuals know it is a sin to live a life of homosexuality. Why else would they have been hiding in a closet."
  • "Ambassador: I Sylvia Ann Driskell write, As well, we also know that if a child is raised in the home of liers (sic.), An deceivers, And thieves that it is reasonable to believe that child will grow up to be one of the three, are all three."
  • "Never before has Our great Nation the United States of America And our great State of Nebraska; been besiege by sin; The way to destroy any Nation, or State is to destroy its morals; Look what happen to Sodom and Gomorrah two city because of the same immoral behavior thats present in Our Nation, in Our States, and our Cities; God destroy them."
  • "If God could have found ten righteous people Among them he would have spared them."
  • "I'm sixty-six years old, An I never thought, that I would see the day in which our Great Nation or our Great State of Nebraska would become so compliant to the complicity of some peoples lewd behavior."
  • "Why are judges passing laws, so sinners can break religious, and moral laws. Will all the judges of this Nation, judge God to be a lier (sic.). For God has said, that all unrighteousness is sin, And that homosexuality is abomination."
  • "I, Sylvia Ann Driskell: I have written this Petition to the United State District Court of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska, and to You, Your Honor. Because I feel its is imperative to do so. Life as a Nation, as States, and as cities need to start standing up for the moral principles on which our, Great Nation, our, Great States, and our, Great Cities were founded on."

As of press time, the nation's gay population had not filed a response to the lawsuit.