'Ninja' sister-wife sentenced for trying to abduct sex assault victim in sword fight

Remember the pair of armed ninja sister-wives caught trying to abduct a sexual assault victim in Utah last September?

One member of the duo, Raven Blackwing received a prison sentence of up to fifteen years for her role in a break-in and sword fight at a house in West Jordan, Utah on September 19. She has already spent 223 days behind bars.

For those whose recollection of what officials describe as a “polygamous ninja” onslaught has gotten hazy, a quick recap:

This past fall, Blackwing and 19-year-old sister-wife Tylynn Southwick broke into the home of a witness in a rape trial. The defendant in the trial was the man Blackwing and Southwick were both romantically involved with. Allegedly, the two women wanted to retaliate against a witness who might make their lover look bad in the court of law.

Blackwing and Southwick arrived at the residence "armed with a knife, a stun gun, a tourniquet and syringes along with a chemical intended to render someone unconscious when they broke into the home," reports the local Fox affiliate in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After the women entered the house, they allegedly "lunged" at a man inside. Another man in the residence heard yelling and came to assist in subduing the polygamous ninja attackers.

Victims of the attack successfully managed to subdue Blackwing and Southwick before police arrived.

When the cops got there, Southwick “…was sitting on the couch dressed in all black, wearing a black mask and black latex gloves. Standing a few feet from [Blackwing] was [a man] holding a samurai sword.”