Piss Christ, guns, and bigotry: Twitter reacts to the Garland art show shootings

The shooting that left two gunmen dead Sunday after opening fire at an anti-Islam art show has raised the profile of the event organizer and confirmed the pre-existing biases of Twitter users.

Pamela Geller -- a blogger, Fox News regular, and head of the American Freedom Defense Initiative -- organized the event offering $10,000 for the most offensive cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, and some Twitter users hailed her as a champion of free speech as they attacked liberals as somewhat less enthusiastic.

Other Twitter users pressed their claims that Christians are victims of legal discrimination and made a case for Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ" as the most famous artwork of the past 50 years.

Others used the Garland shootings as proof that President Barack Obama's immigration policies had failed -- or that he planned to impose martial law in Texas.

Even though the shooters used guns to wound a private security guard and terrorize attendees, gun lovers argued that the police shootings of the gunmen showed the need for more firearms.

Many Twitter users, however, were far less supportive of Geller and her tactics -- even as they supported her right to demonstrate her personality and views.