Scott Walker: Visiting six countries makes me 'the most' qualified to be president on foreign policy
Scott Walker speaks to CBS (screen grab)

Likely Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker argued on Sunday that he would be the most qualified person to lead the country's foreign policy because he had visited six countries while serving as governor of Wisconsin.

"If I choose to get into this race... I'm going to lay out a very clear plan for what we should do going forward and how we should address the issues we face here in America, and the issues we face around the world," he told CBS News host Bob Schieffer on Sunday. "I think there is a wide open door to lay out a very clear doctrine."

"And I do think if foreign policy plays an important role, the contrast will be clear because just about everywhere Hillary Clinton has played a role with this president -- under President Obama -- that part of the world is largely a failure, a mess," he continued. "Because of the policies we've seen from Obama and Clinton."

After noting that Walker had recently visited Israel, a trip partially paid for by billionaire Sheldon Adelson, Schieffer wondered what made the Wisconsin governor qualified to lead the county's foreign policy.

"As a governor, I've been, just recently in Germany, in Spain and France," Walker explained. "Earlier in the year, it was the United Kingdom on trade related missions. A few years back in China and Japan. So, that's probably the most of any governor of either party has is that experience in terms of trade relations."

The possible candidate suggested that he would model his foreign policy after President Ronald Reagan, who he described "the best president" on foreign policy of his lifetime. He argued that "one of the worst presidents" was President Barack Obama.

"As a governor, you have to put a cabinet in place and hopefully you pick people as smart or smarter than you on any given topic," he remarked. "I think that's something that's required of a successful president."

Watch the video below from CBS' Face the Nation, broadcast May 17y, 2015.