Terminated — South Dakota hospital fires nurse after racist  anti-'Indian' video rant goes viral
Pointing out a guilty nurse (Shutterstock)

On Monday, Rapid City Regional Hospital in South Dakota fired nurse Ryane Oliva in response to Oliva's taped racist rant that exploded on social media on Saturday night.

Oliva has since taken down the incendiary video, but not before the Indian Country Media Network saw the video and helpfully transcribed Oliva's rantings: “The [expletive] Indians can suck a mother [expletive] fart out of my [expletive] ass because the [expletive] Indians, they suck.”

Regional news outlet KOTA interviewed Oliva after her firing, though the station did not reveal her name when it aired the story. In talks with reporters, Oliva had the following to share: "I said things that I should never said. You know? And, it was stupid. And, all's I can do is apologize. I can't take it back. You know? I'm worried for my family and my friends. There's been numerous threats towards me. I just wish people would think more before they just post out of anger, and say things out of anger, like I did."

In a press release entitled, "Rapid City Regional Hospital Terminates Employee for Racist Comments in Social Media Video," the hospital that formerly employed Oliva made plain that -- not only had it terminated the nurse's contract -- its staff would also participate in a "show of community" with "Native American, African American and Rapid City leaders, and all community members" outside of its building on Tuesday.

"Together, we will show we are stronger when we stand together and there is no place for racism or bigotry anywhere in our great state," further added Brent Phillips, the hospital's CEO.

Listen to the rant that prompted the Rapid City Regional Hospital to fire nurse Ryane Oliva: