WATCH: David Letterman's 'Top 10 list' gets its own all-star send-off
Chris Rock delivers part of the final 'Top 10' list on May 20, 2015. [Vox]

As part of the festivities on Wednesday, a group of celebrities delivered the final "Top 10 List" for David Letterman's Late Show, covering the final 10 things they had always wanted to tell him.

The list went as follows:

10.Alec Baldwin: "Of all the talk shows, yours is most geographically convenient to my home."

9. Barbara Walters: "Did you know that you wear the same cologne as Muammar Gaddafi?"

8. Steve Martin: "Your extensive plastic surgery was a necessity, not a mistake."

7. Jerry Seinfeld: "Dave, I have no idea what I'll do when you go off the air. You know I just thought of something, I'll be fine."

6. Jim Carrey: "Honestly, Dave, I've always found you to be a bit of an over-actor."

5. Chris Rock: "I'm just glad your show is being given to another white guy."

Letterman briefly cut in, telling Rock, "I had nothing to do with that."

4. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: "Thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale."

Letterman interjected here, too, saying he "had nothing to do with that, either."

3. Peyton Manning: "Dave, you are to comedy what I am to comedy."

2. Tina Fey: "Thanks for finally proving men can be funny."

1. Bill Murray: "Dave, I'll never have the money I owe you."

The segment, as posted by Vox on Wednesday, can be seen below.