WATCH: Key & Peele tour 'Negrotown' -- a magical land without racism
Key & Peele tour Negrotown (Screenshot YouTube)

Key & Peele are among the sharpest, most brilliant and totally willing-to-go-there comedians in the comedy game and their latest viral video is yet another example of why their popularity just keeps growing. “Negrotown” is a blistering takedown of racism across the board, from police shootings of unarmed black men to cultural appropriation. It's also super funny, in that “laugh to keep from crying” kind of way.

The scene, which takes place in the mind of a character who has just been knocked out cold by a brutal policeman, offers a vision of “Negrotown,” a Technicolor dream of the place “to be if your skin is brown,” filled with black folks literally dancing and cartwheeling in the streets as they sing about the complete lack of racism around them. To quote the main character, “It’s like a Utopia for black people!”

“In Negrotown you can walk the streets without getting stopped, harassed or beat,” cabs always stop for black men, and there’s no “stupid-ass white folks touching your hair.” Plus, as our plucky guide and his background singers tell us, “You won’t get followed when you try to shop—you can wear your hoodie and not get shot!”

Check it out, below: