WATCH: The Dead Milkmen skewer 'asshole' Justice Roy Moore during Alabama concert
The Dead Milkmen (YouTube)

The punk band Dead Milkmen mocked Alabama Chief Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore during a performance Saturday in Birmingham.

The conservative judge was previously removed from the same position for refusing to move a Ten Commandments monument from a government building, and he has recently attempted to dodge federal law ordering the state to allow same-sex marriages to proceed.

“Now Judge Roy Moore, he doesn’t like gays, but he sure does like Ten Commandment displays,” sang frontman Rodney Linderman. “But there’s one thing Judge Roy don’t know: The 11th commandment is, ‘Don’t be an asshole.’”

The singer then suggested that Moore may have engaged in sodomy with a pig before launching into one of the band’s signature song about a cool car.

“I’ve learned one thing, that’s not to judge,” Linderman continued over a walking bass line. “Never hold opinions that are bigoted or narrow, and never drive a bitchin’ Camaro.”

Watch the video posted online by Bham Vids: