In dramatic footage captured by the Associated Press and local media, an unidentified Baltimore protester wearing a "F*ck the police" T-shirt is pepper sprayed before being dragged to the ground by his hair.

The man was blasted in the face with pepper-spray as he walked towards police, shouting "I'm right f*cking here. Arrest me, I dare you." As the man attempts to shake it off, not even reaching upwards to his face, the officer then grabs him by his hair and flings him to the ground as fellow officers swarm all over him.

After being dragged to the sidewalk another officer pours water on his face as he lays moaning on the ground, his hands bound behind him.

Leaning against the wall next to the man is a protest sign reading "Amnesty 4 Jailed Youth."

According to the Associated Press, the man was reportedly on the street after the 10 p.m. curfew.

Watch the video below uploaded to YouTube by the Associated Press:

Watch the video, courtesy of WPTV, below:

(Note: This article has been updated)