Adorable couple together for 55 years marry as Texas AG blasts Supreme Court ruling
Dallas couple Jack Evans and George Harris - CBS-DFW screenshot

Texas county clerks were overwhelmed with gay couples applying for marriage licenses Friday morning after the U.S. Supreme Court approved same sex marriage, much to the dismay of the Texas Attorney General, reports CBS-DFW.

In Dallas County, Jack Evans, 85, and George Harris, 82, were the first in line to receive a marriage license having waited for this day after being together for 55 years.

According to the couple, they decided to tie the knot legally last year after then-Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a notice of appeal on a federal judge’s ruling declaring the Texas ban on gay marriage to be unconstitutional. Today they were married as current AG ripped the high court, calling them "an unelected nine-member legislature."

“What is most disturbing is the extent to which this opinion is yet another assault on the actual text of the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law itself," Abbot wrote. "Just as Roe v. Wade ripped from the hands of the American people the issue of life and placed it in the judge-made ‘penumbras’ of the Constitution, so has this opinion made clear that our governing document – the protector of our liberties through representative government – can be molded to mean anything by unelected judges."

While Abbot was raging against the decision, additional courtrooms in Texas were opened and extra staffers were called in to handle the overflow crowds who joyously learned about the 5-4 decision this morning.

Despite his opposition, Abbott refused to block county clerks from issuing licenses to the couples.

Watch video below from DFW-CBS: