Alabama Justice Roy Moore vows to block 'illegitimate' marriage equality ruling at state level
Image: Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore (screen capture)

Alabama's grandstanding conservative Christian Chief Justice Roy Moore has vowed that he and his religious group will defy the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality at the state level.

According to Right Wing Watch, on Friday Moore shared a Facebook update by his wife Kayla Moore, who said that their Foundation for Moral Law -- an anti-LGBT group that is attempting to inject far-right Christian theology into the daily workings of government -- will steadfastly oppose marriage equality in Alabama, calling the Court's ruling "illegitimate."

"Today the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to reverse a ruling by the Sixth Circuit Court of appeals that had upheld the marriage laws of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, holding that the right to marry a person of the same sex is guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution," wrote Kayla Moore. "But the Foundation for Moral Law is blowing the whistle on the illegitimacy of today’s decision."

She went on, "Not only does the U.S. Supreme Court have no legal authority to redefine marriage, but also at least 2 members of the Court’s majority opinion were under a legal duty to recuse and refrain from voting. Their failure to recuse calls into question the validity of this decision."

The Foundation for Moral Law, she said, is currently embroiled in an anti-marriage equality case in the "Middle District of Alabama" and that "This means we've got more work to do, but we are determined to do it...There are issues in this case that the Supreme Court's decision didn't resolve."

A lawyer for the foundation said, "Marriage is in institution created by God at the beginning of time, and I question the authority of an unelected Court to change it. And eternal standards of right and wrong do not change with time, with court decisions, or with public opinion."

Roy Moore first came to national attention when he mulishly refused to remove a giant monument to the Christian Bible's Ten Commandments from the grounds of the Alabama state house in Montgomery.

Watch Moore predict that marriage equality will destroy America, embedded below: