Ex-McKinney cop: Police force has a race problem and they need to 'get it under control'
Former McKinney police officer Pete Schulte - Screencap/Fox4

Appearing on Fox4, a former McKinney police officer blasted the conduct of Officer Eric Casebolt, who threw an unarmed teenage girl to the ground, before saying local police authorities need to nip their race problem in the bud before it grows.

According to former officer Pete Schulte, Casebolt was over the line when he roughly pulled 15-year-old Dajerria Becton to the ground, saying, “I don’t care what she was yelling at that officer. Anything would not have justified throwing her to the ground and pushing her down and throwing her face into the concrete like he did."

Commenting on Casebolt drawing his service weapon as spectators came to help the screaming girl, Schulte called it "crazy," before noting that one of the fellow officers who came to Casebolt's aid grabbed his arm as if pulling the weapon down.

Schulte, who is now an attorney, had advice to the McKinney Police Department, saying they needed to get the fallout from the viral video "under control," due to the racial implications.

“There is an indication based on watching the video that the white people who were around the officers weren’t talked to, they weren’t pushed away, they weren’t told to get on the ground, they weren’t put in handcuffs. The only individuals McKinney police were doing that to were those that were African-American,” he said.

"McKinney police have got to get this under control before tomorrow," he stated "At this point in America, in policing, There's too much out there right now with Ferguson. They got to get out there in front of this and make sure that citizens, even outside of the city of McKinney, understand that they're going to do the right thing and take corrective action and that this was not racially motivated."

Watch the video below from Fox4:

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