Fox News body guard jailed for illegally bringing handgun to protect Geraldo Rivera in Baltimore
Maryland state Sen. Catherine Pugh (D) talks to Fox News' Geraldo Rivera on April 28, 2015. [YouTube]

A security guard assigned to protect Fox News host Geraldo Rivera and other network employees is facing multiple weapons charges after police said that he was illegally carrying a handgun in Baltimore.

The Baltimore Sun reported that Officer John Potter said that Donald F. Scott caught his attention after a curfew went into effect on May 1 because he was holding handcuffs and an ammunition box.

The officer then saw Scott opening a Fox News SUV and taking a Glock handgun from his waistband.

A probable cause statement indicated that officers detained Scott and confirmed that his Glock had one round in the chamber. Scott also had a second Cobra revolver in a holster on his waist, the statement said.

According to the officer's account, Scott insisted that he had a permit to carry the weapon, but he said that he left it at home. Records later showed, however, that Scott did not have a permit.

Scott was charged with possessing a handgun on his person and possessing a handgun in a vehicle.

Police released the Chevy SUV to Fox News, the Sun reported.

The state of Maryland argued in a bail filing that Scott "poses a serious threat to public safety." He was being held lieu of $350,000 bond, and has been assigned a public defender after being declared indigent by the state.

In a motion to have him released, Assistant Public Defender Anthony Strollo wrote that Scott was a former law enforcement officer.

"He comes from a family of law enforcement officers," Strollo noted. "We believe that he has no adult record and was in Baltimore to work security during the riots."