Fox's Keith Ablow thinks lying about his age is a hilarious new way to mock transgender people
Fox News contributor Keith Ablow (screen grab)

Fox News "Medical A-Team" psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow on Monday used news about an NAACP leader who allegedly lied about being black to further his ongoing crusade against transgender people.

In his analysis of Rachel Dolezal, whose family recently outed her as white, Ablow suggested that transgender people had opened the door for her to "be accepted according to her -- quote -- racial identity."

"If I believe in my soul that I'm a 65 year old -- I happen to be 53 -- if I believe I'm 65, I say it to my doctor, I feel it in my core, can I apply for Medicare?" Ablow quipped.

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy pointed out that some had argued that Dolezal "chose that race for an advantage at work."

Ablow turned the conversation back to transgender people, arguing that Caitlyn Jenner may have chosen her gender so she could appear on magazine covers.

"That's a very dangerous position to take. If you object, you'll get lots of threats, which of course I've gotten based on some of my comments," the Fox News psychiatrist remarked. "Because the liberal element in this country is very much in this trans-race kind of moment -- or trans-age."

"Don't be surprised if some child says, 'I was born Caucasian, I'm black.' And if you see them being tattooed, I told you so," he added.

HRC noted last year that Ablow had a record of "anti-trans vitriol." He warned parents not to let kids watch Chaz Bono perform on Dancing With The Stars, and he has argued that transgender people may not even exist.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast June 15, 2015.