Jon Stewart welcomes Rick Perry to GOP race, waits for 'jar of mayonnaise' Jeb Bush to announce
Jon Stewart (Screenshot/The Daily Show)

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart welcomed former governors Lincoln Chafee and Rick Perry into the 2016 presidential nominee race, while wondering when former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was going to end his fundraising and just announce already.

Wading through the ennui of Chafee's announcement in what Stewart called "the room your high school uses for small assemblies," Stewart became giddy with joy at the announcement of Rick Perry.

"Omigawd omigawd omigawd," Stewart exclaimed. "Perry is running for president. Wow, prayer really does work. Gimme more!"

Stewart then cut to a Perry campaign clip, with the candidate exhorting America to "Do right, and risk the consequences."

"'Risk the consequences,'" Stewart repeated while laughing. "Maybe the most accurate campaign slogan I've ever heard. 'Hi, I'm Rick Perry, let's see what happens.'"

Pointing out that viewers may remember Perry from 2012 "who couldn't count up to three," who "“oops’ed himself out of the 2012 race," Stewart took a dig at Perry over his much remarked-upon "smart glasses."

"Boom, Where's he go? Nobody here but an egg-headed professor wearing glasses!" Stewart excitedly shouted.

Turning to yet-to-announce Jeb Bush, Stewart turned to presidential campaign correspondent Jessica Williams who complained that she's tired of following Bush around waiting for him to announce.

"I've been following this jar of mayonnaise for five months now," she said, adding, "Jeb, for Christ's sake, stop baby-dicking around and stick it in already."

Watch the video below, uploaded to YouTube by JStewart: