Larry Wilmore rips Fox for blaming victims of cop violence: Maybe blacks should literally become saints
Larry Wilmore (Comedy Central)

Larry Wilmore mocked Fox News for blaming the victims of police brutality caught on video at a Texas pool party.

Eric Casebolt, the McKinney police officer who threw a 15-year-old girl in a bikini to the ground and chased boys at gunpoint, has resigned from his job, and a white woman accused of instigating a fight with teens has been suspended from her job.

“Now that the dust has settled on the actual incident, it’s time for the media to blame the victim,” Wilmore said. “All aboard the victim-blaming train! Whoo-whoo! Next stop – she might have deserved it.”

Wilmore showed comments from Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who suggested the bikini-wearing girl was “no saint” because the officer had told her to leave but “she continued to linger.”

“She was no saint? He told her to leave and she lingered?” Wilmore said. “Listen, if that’s how you should treat people who overstay their welcome, my Thanksgiving dinner guests would be a lot less happy. We finished dessert hours ago, goddammit! Why are you people still here?”

However, he pointed out that the media frequently dismissed black victims of violence – including Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown – were not saints and therefore deserving of brutal treatment.

Wilmore asked “Nightly Show” correspondent Mike Yard for his thoughts, and the comedian said he had decided to become a saint – although, as the host pointed out, he was not even Catholic.

“No, but I am black,” Yard said. “The way things are going, man, it’s only a matter of time until the cops shoot me or whoops my ass. But by then, I’ll be the first victim of police brutality who was literally a saint.”

Wilmore said that saints had to perform miracles, and Yard told him that it was miraculous that he was a black man in his 40s who hadn’t been shot by police, and he had also invited some black friends over to watch hockey – and they all showed up.

He then started to tell Wilmore about stepping outside the studio to hail a cab, and the host interrupted to say he was amazed that a taxi stopped for him.

“Of course, they didn’t stop, Larry,” Yard said. “I’m trying to be a saint – not Black Jesus.”

They both agreed, sealed with a fist bump, that Black Jesus was redundant.

“So check it, right? All the cabs pass me by, all of them – gone – but then, a brother pulled up in a Greyhound bus and felt sorry for me and took me home,” Yard said. “True story. Miracle.”

Wilmore conceded that was pretty miraculous, but he reminded Yard that saints necessarily had to be dead.

“It’ll be great – I’ll be up in Heaven, chilling with St. Biggie and St. Tupac, watching some white person on Fox say, ‘You know, that Mike Yard – he was no saint,’” Yard said. “And some other white person will have to say, ‘Well, actually…’”

Watch the entire segment posted online by Comedy Central: