Latinos love Donald Trump so mucho they want to fill him up with candy and beat him with a stick
Trump piñata Mexico

The president of the "Donald Trump Is The Greatest 'Yuman' Ever -- Including That Jesus Guy Who Was A Loser and A Freakin' Clown -- Fan Club" wants everyone to know that brown people all over 'Murica -- even the ones who sneak over the border to ply their highly profitable rape trade -- are grande fans of his.

"Muy grande," you might even say if you were someone from Iowa buying a large drink at Taco Bell for the first time and wanted to dazzle the counter-help.

That president -- and soon to be president of the future TrumpAmericaGold-PlatedEstates, LLC. (formerly the United States) -- is Donald Trump himself , because only he can whip his hair up into a crown that looks like upside-down frozen pee-sicles that you might find coming out of an overflowing NYC porta-john in January.

¿Qué onda? with this Latino-love thing, you are no doubt asking yourself with little upside-down question marks  pinging around in your head.

Here, let "El Trumpo " as he calls himself, 'splain:

The newly announced Republican presidential candidate spoke to reporters while giving them, and PGA officials, a tour of his 18-hole championship course, which hugs the Potomac River. Trump confronted criticism he's fielded -- from the Latino community, Hillary Clinton and others -- for saying last week he'd build a "great wall" on the Mexican border. Trump also had said Mexico is sending people who are "bringing drugs" and "bringing crime," including "rapists."

Asked about the backlash, Trump said: "I do great with Latino voters. I employ so many Latinos. I have so many people working for me. I'm a job creator. I create jobs. I'm a master job creator. No politician knows how to create jobs. They're all talk, they're no action. They don't know what they're doing."

He added: "And you know, the Latinos love Trump and I love them."

¡Es verdad, esé!  They love him muy mucho.

So mucho, in fact, that they are manufacturing paper-mâché "Santo Trump's" in his likeness that they fill with candy for los niños -- like little marzipan Obama phones, only they will be Trump phones. Gold-plated marzipan Trump phones.  Because if it is Trump, it is classy. And gold-plated. But mainly, classy. But also gold-plated.

All  the kids  have to do to get  el candy is beat the Trump  -- who is known affectionately in Mexico as "Hijo de puta y uno burro" or "Trumpo Pendejo" -- with sticks and it just falls out because of gravity, which is science so it is also educational.

If you are thinking of sneaking over the border with drugs to pay for classes at University of Phoenix to get a degree in real estate developing -- or raping (same thing) --  it is important that you know that just the desire to beat Donald Trump with a stick is all you need to become an American. Just ask anyone. We all want to do it. ¡Si! Es verdad, also too.

Welcome -- or ¡bienvenido! -- to America!

Just remember: don't eat the yellow snow.

Or the Trump hair.