'Let's use Mike Brown': Ferguson teen's name invoked as black man arrested at Walmart for slow shopping
Man arrested in Florida Walmart - Screenshot

A black man was arrested in a Florida Walmart after he and three companions failed to promptly leave the store when instructed to by police, with one of his friends filming and telling his companions, "Let's use Mike Brown."

In video posted by Mediatakeout, the four men can be seen being escorted from the near-empty Pensacola store after police were apparently called because store management thought they were dawdling.

While three of the men walk alongside, one man rides in a motorized cart provided by the store, insisting they are shopping by pointing to a bag of Doritos in the cart basket.

After being told to leave the store, one man can be heard saying, "We can still pay for our stuff," before adding "I ain't going to be put in jail for nothing. I ain't going to jail."

Repeatedly told to move the cart, the man continues to stop as the female police officer clearly grows frustrated telling him, "You cannot shop. I'm telling you to get your ass up off that cart and get out of the store."

After the man complains, "She's cussing at us," she replies, "Because I'm speaking f*cking English and the fact that you don't understand me  -- " before another man calls her a "bitch" saying "you talk crazy."

After requesting the man to get out of the chair repeatedly, the officer then stands the man up, and handcuffing him as one of his companions says he is filming it, repeatedly saying, "Let's use Mike Brown," in reference to the unarmed teen killed by a police officer in Ferguson Missouri last summer.

Watch the video below, uploaded by Mediatakeout:

MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Walmart CALLS POLICE On Black Men Shopping . . One Man Was ARRESTED . . . Because Officer Says He 'Shopped Too Slowly'!! (This MUST Stop - #BlackLivesMatter#) - FULL STORY - bit.ly/1L2Epge

Posted by Mediatakeout on Friday, June 12, 2015