Love wins in Texas: Adorable comic store owners shut down the shop and finally get married
Kenneth Denson and Gabriel Mendez (screenshot/Twitter)

Anticipating the Supreme Court ruling that marriage rights extend to American citizens equally, regardless of a couple's gender composition, two Texas men closed their comic book shop on Friday morning. When they returned to work, the pair were legally married, Business Insider reports.

Kenneth Denson and Gabriel Mendez, co-owners of Red Pegasus Games & Comics, posted the following sign outside of their store early Friday, declaring their intention to go to the courthouse, possibly get married, and then come back to hawk comics:

"We had a feeling [Friday] was going to be the day, so we headed to the courthouse an hour before the ruling," Denson tells Business Inisder.

Denson and Mendez were right. By the end of the day, the couple posted a picture of their marriage certificate online.

Newlywed and business-minded, Denson and Mendez returned to Red Pegasus and shared their joy on Twitter.

People in the community stopped by the comic store bearing wedding gifts.

On Saturday, Denson and Mendez's photograph was featured on the front page of the New York Times, along with pictures of other same-sex couples and an article on the Supreme Court's historic ruling on marriage.

On Sunday, the owners of Red Pegasus took to Twitter to share the love, so to speak:

According to the Red Pegasus website, the business began in pop-up form in November 2014. Since April of this year, the storefront operation sells "comic books, graphic novels, board games, role playing games, toys, and collectibles" to customers in the greater Dallas region.