Man trolls ISIS at LGBT pride event with fake penis flag — and CNN thinks it's real
"ISIS" dildo flag (Screenshot/Mediaite)

A man trolling the violently homophobic Islamic State at a London gay pride event got extra troll points Saturday for duping CNN.

CNN reporter Lucy Pawle was at the event when she stumbled upon that man, who to her bewilderment, everyone seemed to be ignoring. Turns out his fake "ISIS flag" was made up of images of dildos, Mediaite discovered.

Pawle tells CNN anchors that she was leaving work when she happened upon the annual London Gay Pride festival. She was shocked to see a man dressed in black and white carrying what she called "a very bad mimicry" but a "very clear attempt to mimic the ISIS flag."

Taking a closer look, she could tell the writing was not Arabic. No one else seemed to be concerned about it, so she went to the event organizer and the police, both of whom seemed to brush her off.

"It was an extremely strange and unnerving thing to see," she says. Fair enough, considering ISIS claimed responsibility for a string of three international attacks on Friday in France, Kuwait and Tunisia. The attack on a resort in the Tunisian city of Sousse resulted in 38 deaths, 15 of them British nationals, the Telegraph reports.

But it turns out the flag being carried in London today was made up of dildo images in place of Arabic lettering on the infamous black Islamic State flag.

Taking a closer look at Pawle's photos, Mediaite wrote: "Um, so… yeah… look carefully. Those are a bunch of dildos where the Arabic writing would normally be. A clever parody indeed. A+ trolling."


Watch the CNN report posted to YouTube by Tony Hodges below: