Michele Bachmann upset we can't indoctrinate immigrants into Christianity
Michele Bachmann speaks to CNN (screen grab)

In an interview with World Net Daily, former Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann attributed American's increasingly liberal attitudes on social issues to the inability to entice recent immigrants into "America's predominant religion," by which she means: Christianity.

A recent Gallup poll found the number of Americans describing their views on social issues as “liberal” or “very liberal” was equal to those describing themselves as “conservative” or “very conservative,” a distinct change from attitudes in 2009 when the split was 42 percent conservative, 25 percent liberal.

Speaking at a forum with author Ann Coulter and longtime conservative gadfly Phyllis Schlafly, all three women lamented the drift away from conservatism, attributing it to increased immigration.

Coulter, who is currently out publicizing her new anti-immigration book, the subtly titled Adios, America: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole, got straight to the point.

“Of course, this is a result of immigration,” she explained. “Liberals haven’t changed anyone’s mind. They couldn’t win elections with Americans, so they brought in ringers.”

Plugging her book, Coulter offered up a solution to stop the conservative slide, “It’s in my book, the answer is obvious: Stop all immigration now. Take 10 or 20 years to assimilate the immigrants already here. Deport lawbreakers.”

For her part, Schlafly said recent immigrants don't share American values as she blamed President Obama.

“The polls don’t reflect the ‘changing’ attitudes of Americans; the polls reflect the attitudes of our changing population,” Schlafly said. “We are still a very exceptional country. But we won’t be much longer if Barack Obama continues to dilute our standards, our values, our constitutional system and our pro-American population."

She added, “One of the biggest rackets in immigration is those admitted as refugees, such as the Boston bombers. They were welcomed as refugees from persecution and given $100,000 in welfare handouts.”

Bachmann agreed with Schlafly, stating, “Immigrants from Third-World nations aren’t expected to learn American values norms or culture, much less the English language.”

More importantly, Bachmann lamented political correctness that looks down upon indoctrinating recently arrived immigrants of all creeds into the one true faith.

“In fact," she stated. "It is severely frowned upon to suggest new immigrants join America’s predominant Christian religion.”