Russell Brand: Hannity defends cops shooting your kids 'because that's how they make their money'
Russell Brand rips Sean Hannity on 'The Trews' on June 12, 2015. [YouTube]

Comedian Russell Brand lit into Sean Hannity on the latest episode of his webseries The Trews, accusing the Fox News host of being a spokesperson for widespread police aggression against Americans.

"This is the harbingers. This is the warning. It's coming to you," Brand argued. "They're getting ready to shoot your children; your unarmed children will be next. Sean Hannity will defend their right to shoot your children to the end because that is how the system works. That's how they make their money, and that's the only thing that matters to them."

While Hannity is "laughable" and his network "ridiculous," Brand argued, he continually defended former McKinney, Texas police Cpl. Eric Casebolt's actions while responding to a disturbance at a local pool party. Brand played footage of Hannity insisting that Casebolt was justified in drawing his gun on two black teen boys while minimizing Casebolt's manhandling of 15-year-old Dajerria Becton.

"When you're a police officer, you have authority, you have an oath: 'protect and serve,'" Brand said. "What that means is, that uniform represents duty. When you go into a situation and you feel, for your own reasons, threatened or intimidated or motivated, the uniform and the badge comes first. 'Protect and serve' comes first. With that uniform comes an obligation; he's not fulfilling that obligation. He's just acting like an emotional nutty guy."

Instead, Hannity argued that the two boys were "provoking" Casebolt, and fretted about the officer's career being cut short. Casebolt subsequently resigned from the department, following widespread public criticism for his actions.

"What about someone's life being over?" Brand asked. "Every 28 hours, another person -- usually a poor black person -- gets shot. And Sean Hannity is so entrenched in the defense of that behavior, so invested in maintaining this cultural condition, that he will go on the television and say, 'Don't end someone's career just because another innocent person was in risk of being killed by another murderous copper.'"

Watch Brand's commentary, as posted online on Friday, below.