Sacramento man faces hate crime charges after stabbing musicians for being 'f*ggots in skinny jeans'
Person holding a knife (Shuttershock)

Sacramento police arrested a man who stabbed three musicians after calling them "f*ggot in skinny jeans." The attack is being investigated as a hate crime.

The three men were walking home Sunday night when they were accosted, allegedly by Timothy Brownell, 25, who was holding a 12-inch knife. The musicians were leaving a bar when Brownell allegedly yelled the slur at them. When they turned around to face him, they were attacked.

Aside from hate crime allegations, Brownell is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and owning an assault rifle, Capital Public Radio reports.

"I have multiple slices on my throat and arms but only one serious one and I'll still be at all slaves dates," wrote victim Alex Lyman on an Instagram post that shows his injuries. "Wish the world could stop hating what they don't understand."

Lyman is a guitarist with the Sacramento band Slaves. The band posted to its Facebook page that they will not cancel any upcoming shows due to his injuries. But a second guitarist for the band, Hampton McKnab, broke his hand trying to fend off the attack and will have to bow out.

Blake Abbey, with the band Musical Charis, said his arm was "mangled, according to Capital Public Radio.

"I hate the world we live in. Glad my dudes are okay and I’m sorry I wasn’t there to smash this dude’s teeth in with my brass knuckles," Slaves lead singer Johnny Craig told Metal Hammer.

In response to the attack, Sacramento musicians James Cavern and Carly DuHain will host a fundraiser for the victims on Saturday night, dubbed "I Wear Skinny Jeans."

"I'm going to wear the skinniest jeans I have when I go out tonight," Cavern posted to Facebook on Monday. "See ya'll later."