Scott Walker thinks equal pay for women is a plot to 'pit one group of Americans versus another'
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

In a recent interview, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) criticized Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton's proposal that would mandate men and women be paid equally for doing the same job, saying it was divisive.

Clinton, who pushed equal pay legislation when she was a U.S. Senator, had previously taken a pot shot at Walker for calling equal pay protections "a bogus issue."

Dredging up Clinton's comment, Walker told Adriana Cohen of Boston Herald Radio, that Clinton was trying to "pit one group of Americans versus another," reports Right Wing Watch.

Host Cohen introduced the subject after citing a bogus report that Clinton paid women in her Senate office less than men, and Walker used that as a launching pad for his attack on the former Secretary of State.

"Well, it's a part of that amazing double standard," Walker said. “But I think there's  an even a bigger issue than that. And this is sadly something that would make her consistent with the president, and that is I believe that the president and now Hillary Clinton tend to think that politically they do better if they pit one group of Americans versus another.”

Walker dismissed equal pay for equal work as somehow inconsistent with "making all every American's life better," before segueing into one of his favorite topics: blaming liberals for providing poor Americans with government safety net services such as food stamps and healthcare.

“For them, their measure of success in government is how many people are dependent on the government, how many people are dependent, on whether its Medicaid or food stamps or health care or other things out there,”  Walker explained.

Listen to audio below, captured by Right Wing Watch: