Tears, Love, Joy: Twitter rallies behind Obama's eulogy for Clementa Pinckney
Image: A Twitter reaction to Pres. Obama's Clementa Pinckney eulogy (screen capture)

After President Barack Obama's stunning eulogy for slain pastor and civil rights activist Rev. Clementa Pinckney, the social medium Twitter erupted in praise from many quarters, particularly over the chief executive's decision to burst into song, leading the congregation in a rendition of the hymn "Amazing Grace."

Within a half hour of the end of the service, the hashtag #TwitpicYourReactionToPresObamasSpeech took off as users rushed to record the effect Obama's words and voice had on them.

One user tweeted a .gif of Aretha "Queen of Soul" Franklin tearing off her wig in mid-performance:

Others joked about the speech's power to elicit tears:

Some people channeled Oprah:

Others just had to #Testify:

This one, though, is my personal favorite. (#HappyDance!)