Ted Cruz keeps cracking jokes about guns as Americans mourn Charleston terror attack
Sen. Ted Cruz

While the country was still in shock over the shooting deaths of nine black churchgoers in Charleston at the hands of Dylann Roof, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) was cracking jokes before an Iowa audience about gun control.

According to the Huffington Post, Cruz -- who was campaigning for president in the state -- told the audience, "You know the great thing about the state of Iowa is, I'm pretty sure you all define gun control the same way we do in Texas -- hitting what you aim at."

Cruz's comments came just hours after telling reporters that he was shocked by the events at the Charleston AME church, saying, "A sick and deranged man went and prayed for an hour with the congregants in an historically black church and then, for reasons that we don’t fully understand murdered nine innocent souls."

The Texas senator then pivoted and blasted Democrats over gun control, saying, "It’s sad to see the Democrats take a horrific crime and try to use it as an excuse not to go after people with serious mental illness or people who are repeat felons or criminals but rather try to use it as an excuse to take away the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens."

Cruz also demonstrated his shooting skills at a gun range by shooting an AR15 at a target.

Watch the video below from the Huffington Post: