Twitter celebrates Donald Trump’s firing from NBC — and it’s hilarious
Donald Trump speaks to media following his firing from NBC (screenshot/NBC video footage)

NBC is ending its business relationship with Donald Trump, star of the network's hit reality show "Celebrity Apprentice," the New York Times reports.

Trump's abrupt ouster follows popular outrage at the Republican presidential candidate's assertion earlier this month that Mexicans who immigrate to the United States are criminals and "rapists."

In a Chicago press conference on Monday, Trump explains he's choosing to leave NBC to focus on his White House bid. The perennial presidential contender maintains to reporters that his disparaging remarks about Mexican Americans "happen to be correct."

Detractors of Trump on Twitter wasted no time in celebrating the firing of America's most pink slip-happy CEO. The casino mogul is famous for gleefully announcing to contestants on his show, "You're fired!" -- usually at least once an episode.

What follows are some of the Internet's wittiest offerings on NBC's decision to part ways with its erstwhile employee:

Watch Donald Trump announce he's leaving NBC voluntarily to run for president. Do you believe him?