South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's remarks on Monday calling for the Confederate battle flag to be removed from the state capitol might be going over well in some political circles, but conservatives online are taking her decision as a betrayal of the Republican Party.

Within minutes of Haley's statement, speculation began on whether she joined the call for the flag's removal out of a need to score political points, or as a way to angle for higher office:

Meanwhile, Pat Dollard, who identified himself as a contributor to conservative news site -- until the site distanced itself from him -- took the occasion to bash Haley and her fellow Republican, Sen. Tim Scott.

He was also one of several users threatening to hold Monday's remarks against her in the voting booth:

Barnes, a Democrat, has been open about the fact that his efforts to change the Georgia state flag and minimize the presence of the Confederate symbol on it cost him a second term as that state's governor. It also won him the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation Profile in Courage Award in 2003.

Meanwhile, other users minimized the effort on Monday to take down the "stars and bars," or attempted to liken it to symbols that might personally offend them:

And at least one expressed hope it would spur a protest of its own, in response to the demonstrations over the weekend calling for the Confederate flag's removal: