Twitter tells Rachel Dolezal her 15 minutes are over with hilarious #ByeRachel jokes
Rachel Dolezal speaks to KXLY-TV in March 2015. [KXLY]

As Rachel Dolezal makes the rounds Tuesday in a series of television interviews to explain herself for posing as black and getting elected as Spokane’s NAACP president, it appears the public is ready to move on without her.

Dolezal appeared first on NBC’s “Today” show, where she repeated her claim that she believes herself to be black.

Twitter users, who have analyzed the story from every angle since the news broke late last week, are ready to dismiss her and offered their parting thoughts with the hashtag #ByeRachel.

Twitter users watched Dolezal's interview with Matt Lauer and reacted in horror, shock, and outrage.

Some were dumbfounded by Dolezal's insistence that she was a victim -- despite the situation resulting from her own deceptive actions.

One Twitter user closed the book on the saga in one perfect tweet.