USA! LGBT! It's Friday! Let's Party!

Well, I was going to embed this Spotify playlist to celebrate the announcement that same-sex marriage is now the law across the land. But eh, can still click it and  play it: LGBT Anthems. It's a mix of all sorts of music, from hip-hop to rock to disco to even jazz, all chosen because it's anthemic and because it's put out by artists who are queer themselves. So no need for fucking Macklemore! Dance, party, it's Friday!

But since I can't embed, here's a few of my favorite selections, in video form. Disco diva Sylvester, in his HiNRG era:

JD Samson and MEN, "Who Am I To Feel So Free".

"Werking Girls", Angel Haze:

And let's go full turn it up and be happy and shameless. "Freedom 90", George Michael:

Shit has been bad for awhile now. Thanks for giving us a good week, Supreme Court. Part of me still cannot believe it.

Have a great Pride weekend, everyone. And don't forget to root for the women's soccer team against China. USA! USA!