WATCH: John Oliver gleefully shreds CNN's '7 spectacular minutes of idiocy' spent on ISIS sex toy flag
John Oliver on Last Week Tonight - screencap

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver was giddy with joy over Friday's announcement by the Supreme Court  upholding the right for same-sex couple to wed, but he was downright ecstatic with CNN's now-infamous coverage of a purported ISIS flag at a gay pride parade that was actually covered with images of dildos and butt plugs.

Oliver shared a clip of CNN's "exclusive" coverage of the flag spotted at the London pride parade, with the local correspondent wondering why parade officials weren't concerned that terrorists had infiltrated their event.

“I’ll tell you why they weren’t raising any questions,” said Oliver. “That’s not the ISIS flag. That’s a flag with dildos and butt plugs all over it. And yet, for more than seven spectacular minutes, CNN had it onscreen — even calling one of their ‘terrorism experts’ to try and figure out why ISIS might be marching with the gay community through London, which did seem surprising.”

Oliver then mocked the network for failing to come forward and admit their error.

“It’s a full day later now, and they still haven’t addressed this mistake on-air,” said Oliver. “Probably because it would be too embarrassing to have a professional journalist say, ‘I’m sorry. Despite working at CNN, it seems I don’t know what a dildo looks like.’”

Watch the video below from Last Week Tonight: