'We don’t serve your kind here': Arizona bar admits kicking out transgender woman
Brianna Sandy - ABC15 Screenshot

The owners of a Tempe, Arizona, bar say they are getting death threats after a transgender woman told the media that she was refused service by a bartender who told her, "We don't serve your kind here."

According to Brianna Sandy, she stopped into the Tempe Tavern for a drink on Saturday intending to watch the Belmont Stakes on TV.

Saying the bartender was initially nice to her, she was waiting on her drink when a man spoke to the bartender briefly.

She claims the bartender then came over to her and said "We don't serve your kind here," as a man told her to leave.

"I walked out and I went, ‘I just actually experienced genuine discrimination on a level no human should experience,’” Sandy said.

Sandy said she was born as a male and began to take hormone therapy approximately 18 months ago as part of her transition to life as a female.

According to a man who identified himself as a spokesman for the bar, Sandy was asked to leave because she was mistaken for a prostitute; a problem the bar claims it is having.

Sandy isn't buying that explanation and is filing a complaint with the city of Tempe which has non-discrimination laws in place to protect the LGBT community.

Watch the video below from ABC15: