Alabama lawyer slits family dog’s throat and tells ex-wife 'your day is coming girl'
James Stewart Robinson - mugshot

A former Alabama attorney pleaded guilty in court on Monday to animal abuse and domestic violence after admitting that he slit the throat of his family's dog during a bitter canine custody battle, before telling his ex-wife "Your day is coming girl."

James Stewart Robinson, 48, took a plea deal in the felony case and is expected to get probation after killing his American Staffordshire bull terrier, Rufus.

The case, dating back to 2012, involved a separation from his then-wife with Robinson taking a picture of the slain dog and texting it to her with the threat. Authorities were called in leading  to a five-month investigation that included canine exhumation and a forensic examination at a Florida lab.

According to court documents, Robinson and his wife had been fighting over custody of Rufus, with Robinson initially stating that his wife had killed the dog.  Investigators determined that Robinson killed Rufus after reviewing emails, text messages, voicemails, and the forensic report.

Robinson told the court that he was addicted to Adderall when he killed Rufus and -- when pressed by the court how he did it -- he admitted, "I killed him by slicing his throat."

In an interview outside of court, Robinson said he put himself into rehab for drug addiction two after the killing, saying, "I don't know why I crossed that line... I love animals and I love people."

"Rufus was a very loving dog and I am horrified that I crossed a line that never in a million years I thought I would cross," Robinson said.

Sentencing for Robinson is scheduled for Aug. 3.