Americans celebrate World Cup in most awful way possible: 'Japs haven't seen a blast like that since Hiroshima'

American soccer fans celebrated the U.S. women's World Cup title Sunday by comparing the 5-2 victory over Japan to an atomic bombing.

John Kyle Schwab

The U.S. dropped an atom bomb called "Little Boy" Aug. 6, 1945, on the city of Hiroshima, killing an estimated 80,000 people immediately. A second atomic bomb, "Fat Man," was dropped Aug. 9, 1945, on the city of Nagasaki, immediately killing about 40,000 people.

Kyle Kilgore


About twice as many people in each city were eventually killed by the atomic bombs after suffering lingering deaths related to radiation sickness, malnutrition, and other injuries.

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Branson Long

Although there were literally dozens of nearly identical jokes, Branson Long’s friends were deeply impressed by his take.

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