Busted: Video shows Georgia cop slammed elderly black man's head on concrete and lied about it
Video shows Officer Ryan Hall slamming 69-year-old Dhoruba Bin-Wahad to the ground (screen grab)

A former Georgia police officer was indicted this week after cell phone video showed that he lied to justify force against a 69-year-old black man who was moving into his new home.

While responding to a suspected burglary call on May 2 with at least three other officers, then-Clayton County police officer Ryan Hall said that he attempted to arrest 69-year-old Dhoruba Bin-Wahad because he "lied" about a second burglar being in the home.

Although the "fellow burglar" turned out to be another police officer, Hall claimed Bin-Wahad was “uncooperative and verbally argumentative."

But cell phone video recorded by witnesses showed that Hall did not have justification when he slammed Bin-Wahad's head into the concrete.

"I felt like I was humiliated in front of all my neighbors or whoever was watching," Bin-Wahad recalled. "They might have thought I was a criminal or someone the police followed to this residence, so I didn't want to move in."

Hall was fired by Clayton County after cell photo video emerged showing that he lied to justify his use of force. On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted Hall on a misdemeanor charge of battery against the elderly. Bond was set at $2,000.

"I know I should feel vindicated, but sadly I feel humbled in a way because at one point I didn't want to move into the house anymore," Bin-Wahad explained.

A second grand jury will determine whether Hall will face charges for falsifying a police report. Attorneys for Bin-Wahad have also filed formal charges against three other officers who responded to the call on May 2.

"I don't think he understands the full significance of what he did, and he probably believes in his mind that he was right," Bin-Wahad noted this week.

Watch the video below from WSB-TV, broadcast July 30, 2015.