‘Cancer is a fungus’ lawmaker threatens Nevada inspectors looking at her home healthcare business
Michele Fiore (Facebook)

A Nevada lawmaker who made national news after claiming cancer is a fungus that can be flushed from the body with salt water has reportedly threatened state health investigators looking into her home healthcare business.

According to John Ralston at Ralston Reports, Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) is refusing to allow state inspectors to review her books and faces having her license to operate revoked.

Fiore, who is also a big booster of Nevada scofflaw Cliven Bundy, has thus far refused to meet with the inspectors and, according to Ralston's sources, threatened to attempt to pass legislation to prevent them from coming back.

The lawmaker's business, which she runs with the help of her mother, has received $6 million in Medicaid funding during a five-year period.

According to Ralston, Fiore is scheduled for one more meeting with the state giving her one last chance to comply to prevent her license from being suspended or revoked.

Fiore is already under investigation by the IRS, and in an interview refused to answer questions about whether she recognizes the legitimacy of the federal government.