Former Obama adviser: Trump is great for Democrats and 'we should put a camera on him 24/7'
Former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer - CNN screencap

Appearing on CNN's State of the Nation, a former White House adviser said that Donald Trump's inflammatory "nativist rhetoric" is a continuation of something former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin began in 2008, and that Democrats couldn't be happier with the damage it is still doing to the Republican Party.

Following laughter from the assembled panel over the difficulties frontrunner Donald Trump is causing for the GOP, former senior Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer said Democrats never want Trump to shut up.

"As a Democrat I think Donald Trump should keep talking, we should put a camera on him 24/7," a smiling Pfeiffer said. "This is great for Democrats."

"It does hit a real issue here," he continued. "Donald Trump is talking to a real important powerful segment of the Republican Party, this nativist element -- something Sarah Palin started in 2008. Republicans have nursed this and used it to their benefit to win congressional elections in 2010 and 2014. And now it’s coming home to roost."

"It’s sort of like Dr. Frankenstein waking up and wondering, where did that monster come from? This is something that they’ve created themselves.”

Watch the video below uploaded to YouTube by Daily Breaking News:

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