Fox analyst: Anti-racism activists are ‘cultural brothers and sisters’ of Charleston shooter
Peter Johnson Jr. appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. asserted on Wednesday that activists protesting white supremacy in New York were the "cultural brothers and sisters" of the white supremacist who massacred nine black church members in Charleston, South Carolina because they had planned to burn flags.

DNAinfo reported this week that the group Disarm NYPD had planned a July 1 rally against the Confederate flag, which it called a "symbol of white supremacy, slavery, and Jim Crow."

Carlos Cadeza, a member of Disarm NYPD, told DNAinfo that the group had planned to burn Confederate flags at the event to "stop the spread of racism in this country."

The group also said that it also planned to burn American flags at the event because it "has unceasingly, from the first day it was ever hung, represented the exact same thing."

"Of course some people will be offended, but we want them to know we are not against American culture as a whole, just the racism that is embedded in so many parts of our culture," Cadeza said.

On Wednesday, Fox & Friends suggested that the rally was a "precursor" to a terrorist attack.

"Ronald Reagan's soul is flipping in heaven," Fox's Johnson opined. "This group Disarm NYPD is the essence of the anarchist values that seek to destroy this country."

"These folks in my view are the cultural cousins, the cultural brothers and sisters of that maniac racist murderer in Charleston who decided that he was going to burn the flag," the analyst ranted. "There's little difference between what they do and what he did. They're on different ends of the same continuum of crazy, demented, un-American behavior that we all need to condemn."

"God bless America!" he concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast July 1, 2015.