Fox News guest defends Donald Trump: Breaking business deals 'is called fascism'
Katie Pavlich (Fox News/screen grab)

Townhall editor and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich accused New York City mayor Bill de Blasio of being a fascist for reviewing business relationships with 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Following insulting comments Trump made about Mexicans, de Blasio announced he would be reviewing contracts with the real estate mogul, who manages a golf course and two public skating rinks in New York City. Macy's, Univision, NBC and Serta have already dropped Trump as a business partner.

"This is the problem," Katie Pavlich said Thursday on Fox News' The Five. "What Bill de Blasio is doing by going through all of the contracts that they already put in place with the city -- this is called fascism, when you get into the middle of -- going retroactively to look at business deals that have already been made based on legality and law and business, and you go back and say, we don't like what you said, so we're going to take away your livelihood and punish your businesses. That is fascism."

Pavlich said Trump was wrong to overgeneralize Mexican immigrants, but added he "has a point when he said we have a lot of criminality coming from Mexico." She claimed that Mexican drug cartels were running Chicago, "which is partially why there is so much violence."

Watch video, via Media Matters, below: