Hackers turn pro-Confederate Facebook group into celebration of Obama, Islam and LGBT rights
LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama (Twitter)

A Brooklyn-based writer hilariously wrecked a pro-Confederate Facebook group Monday after he discovered administrators had left some of the privacy settings unlocked.

Virgil Texas said he joined the private "Confederate Pride" group and changed its banner picture a few times before convincing the page administrators to let him change all of its settings to "clean out the trolls," reported Slate.

Having gained control of the page, Texas changed the group's name to “LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama and Judaism” -- and hijinks ensued.

The group's members fled in horror and disgust.

Administrators soon kicked Texas out of the group -- but not before he granted 50 more pranksters administrative privileges, and at that point things just got confusing.

Group members grunted their disapproval.

One of Texas' friends changed the group's URL to /groups/JewsForObamaAndHillary -- which can't be changed for at least six months.