Knife-wielding Michigan man wakes homeowner with odd demand: 'Smoke some weed with me right now'
Sean Ellsworth Lewis

A Michigan man faces a potential life term in prison after police said he broke into a home and forced the resident to smoke marijuana with him at knifepoint.

Police said Seth Ellsworth Lewis broke into a Cadillac home about 2:40 a.m. Wednesday and woke up the homeowner, who had been sleeping on a couch, and made a strange demand, reported MI News 26.

“You’re going to smoke some weed with me right now," the knife-wielding man said.

It's not clear whether Lewis brought his own marijuana or wanted the homeowner to share some of his.

The homeowner told police that he managed to stall Lewis, who eventually set down the knife.

That's when the homeowner grabbed the weapon and fled to a neighbor's house.

He knocked on the door, but the neighbor didn't answer, so the man told police that he went inside anyway because he feared Lewis was chasing him.

The neighbor called police at that point, saying he heard a knock at the door and what sounded like a crowbar being dropped to the ground.

Police said they quickly determined that the victim of the first home invasion had gone next door for help, and they found Lewis behind the home after he fell down a steep hill.

The 36-year-old Lewis was charged with one count of first-degree home invasion and one count of assaulting/resisting/obstructing a police officer.

Lewis has been designated as a habitual offender, making him eligible for a possible life sentence, if convicted.