Liberal OSU students wonder why John Kasich disinvited them from presidential campaign announcement
John Kasich (Facebook)

Ohio Gov. John Kasich disinvited Ohio State University students from the announcement of his presidential campaign.

The Republican governor will officially join the crowded GOP fray Tuesday morning at the university's Ohio Union.

But Kasich's campaign sent out an email shortly after 10 p.m. Monday to multiple OSU students notifying them that their tickets to the event had been canceled, reported Plunderbund.

"You ticket for the July 21st Special Announcement Event in Columbus has been cancelled and is no longer valid for entry," the emails said.

The emails displayed the Kasich campaign logo and a line that indicated the messages were paid for by the governor's presidential campaign, Kasich For America.

It's not clear whether all OSU students were uninvited or whether students were targeted for their political views.

The executive director of Democratic Voices told the blog that she knew of at least two current OSU students and two OSU graduates whose tickets were revoked.

A contributor to Plunderbund, which has been involved with previous disputes with Kasich over critical coverage of his administration, was also denied access to the event by campaign spokesman Chris Schrimpf, the blog reported.