Megyn Kelly guest: If Sandra Bland 'had been my daughter I would have been embarrassed'
Megyn Kelly, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke - screenshot

Appearing on the Kelly Files, a Fox News guest known for defending police assaults against blacks once again took the side of the police in the arrest of Sandra Bland, saying he was more concerned with the language Bland used on the arresting officer than with her arrest over a traffic signal.

Host Megyn Kelly has taken a considerable amount of heat for attacking a black teenager who was assaulted by a police officer at a Texas pool party, calling the victim “no saint.” But this time she left it to her guest Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to go after Bland, who died under mysterious circumstances in a Houston jail cell.

Defending Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia who pulled Bland from her car before using a Taser on her, Clarke said the police officer had every right to use the weapon on her although he was mildly disapproving of Encinia's use of the phrase: "I'll light you up!"

"Look, what we train officers to say when we're going to use a Taser is 'Do X or I'm going to tase you,'" Clarke explained, before attacking Bland. "But I'm not going to get hung up on that. I was more appalled by the language she was using with an authority figure. If she was my daughter I would have been embarrassed at the kind of language she was using on the scene."

"She did some things that caused an officer to have to move up in terms of his response to keep her safe and to keep himself safe," Clarke added."That's unfortunate that the autopsy report, you know, the manner of death is suicide."

Clarke previously has blamed the rising tide of blacks dying at the hands of police on children being raised in single-mother homes.

Watch the video below from Media Matters for America: