Mexican laborer hammers Trump for calling immigrants rapists and thieves: ‘We work ourselves to death just to eat’
Construction worker responds to Trump (YouTube)

A Hispanic construction worker fired back at Donald Trump in a viral YouTube video over his offensive comments about Mexican immigrants.

The unidentified worker interrupts his work building a form for a concrete foundation to respond to an interviewer’s questions, reported Mediaite.

“Donald Trump? That son of a gun who says we’re all thieves?” the man says in Spanish that's translated onscreen.

“Look, bastard, how we rape -- these stakes!” he says. “How we work ourselves to death just to eat. I make $1,100 a week and the government takes $350 to feed your lazy, unemployed drug addicts.”

Other Republican presidential candidates have condemned Trump's remarks in recent days, nearly three weeks after he made them during his own GOP presidential campaign announcement and after several of the real estate tycoon's business partners severed their relationships over the comments.

“Look at these guys, busting their butts in the sun,” the worker continues, pointing toward other workers pouring concrete. “It’s 107 degrees Fahrenheit, it was 115 degrees earlier. Look at these guys, flooring a mile a minute. What rapists and criminals?”

The man then raised his sledgehammer and another hammer.

“This is my drug, you bastard! This one’s my drug and this one’s my booze, fool!” he says.

Watch the entire video posted online by Rafael Rivero: