Mexico's Fire Volcano erupts, hamlet evacuated
The Fire Volcano in Colima state is one of the most active in Mexico and this year its eruptions have intensified (AFP)

Western Mexico's Volcano of Fire spewed a four-kilometer column (2.5 miles) of ash and molten rock late Friday, prompting authorities to evacuate 19 people from a small village.

The volcano in Colima state, near Jalisco, has been active since Thursday but its eruptions intensified on Friday and ash rained down on at least seven communities, according to federal authorities.

The national civil protection agency said the 19 residents of the hamlet of Yerbabuena would be taken to another community within the same municipality of Comala.

An unspecified number of people from other communities had already left the area on their own.

The government urged people to avoid any activities within five kilometers from the crater.