New conservative grievance: You can't mock Donald Trump's hair unless we can say 'nappy-headed blacks'
Donald Trump (screenshot)

It was inevitable that we would reach a point in these early stages of the 2016 Presidential campaign when presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's supporters would switch from defense to offense.

As we have learned, nothing that Trump does or says is ever wrong;  reality and good taste must adjust to the new gold-plated, black marble and brocade velour Trump paradigm.

Please keep up, reality and good taste!

Were Trump to decide to beat an orphan to death by wielding a corgi puppy by its tail -- a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, not the tailless Pembroke -- someone no doubt would be standing by to hold his coat and then mop his brow and reconstruct his hair pile rendered askew by a sound puppy/orphan thrashing to the death.

Oh, about that hair-pile on the man once described by John Oliver as looking like a "clown made of mummified foreskin and cotton candy"...

It is now off-limits.

That comes from the wonderful folks whose greatest grievance in life is that they can't use the "N-word" in public they way they use it privately when preceding President Obama, the Rev. Al Sharpton, or any random black man killed by police, because you know he was also a "thug" as well as one of those N-people -- or a "blah" if you are Rick Santorum.

According to a tweet from the braintrust at Progressives Today -- a website run by Jim Hoft (The Stupidest Man on the Internet, copyright EVERYONE) -- Trump-hair mockery is totally off-limits:

Ay-yup. It is likely the tweet is the handiwork of PT contributor and Dead Breitbart hagiographer Andrew Marcus, since it lacks the majestic limpid idiocy of anything that Hoft has ever managed in his life. But wait, there is more!

For those who thought Twitchy was the stupidest place in the world, the derp barrel -- indeed the worm-infested earth beneath it -- is bottomless.

Bless their stupid faces.