Republican scamsters angry that Donald Trump is beating them at their own game
Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

There is nothing about this story that isn't funny:

In one corner: Donald Trump, the mud-slinging mogul with a complicated hairdo and a flair for the dramatic. In the other: Nine other U.S. Republican presidential hopefuls who wish Trump wasn’t standing among them.

That’s the unfolding scenario for the Republicans’ first televised debate in Cleveland on Aug. 6.

Several campaign officials said privately they were counting on Fox News, the host for the debate, to make sure Trump does not dominate the event entirely by answering questions posed to other candidates or interrupting their answers.

“All candidates will be treated equally and fairly,” said Michael Clemente, the executive vice president of news for Fox News.

They are holding a debate 15 months before the election and they're worried that Trump might make the whole thing a clown show? Hate to break it to anyone who is dumb enough to think this debate was supposed to be some kind of serious event, but the whole purpose if it was to be a clown show. None of this has anything to do with the actual presidential election or even really the primary. It's a facsimile of an electoral event, designed to give a bunch of fake candidates an opportunity to do a little tap dance and a ranting routine about the sluts-gays-and-Mexicans so that they get attention, Twitter followers, and most importantly, email addresses for their mailing lists.

The fact that this debate is even happening shows how much the Republican/conservative establishment treats their people like a bunch of marks. Most of these candidates have no intention of actually running for President. As with last election, the Republican presidential field this early on is mostly about getting your face out there and getting a bunch of gullible Fox News fans to hand over email addresses, so you can then bombard them with a bunch of advertisements for all sorts of wingnut-provoking snake oil products: Survivalist shit, "amazing" cures for various diseases that don't work, gold bullion, that sort of thing.

Why run for President for real when you can drop out early and live like a king putting a picture of your face on top on emailers selling scam products to wingnuts for the rest of your life?

Under the circumstances, being mad at Donald Trump because he is the best and brightest at pandering to the idiots just sounds like sour grapes to me. I thought Republicans were supposed to be for a meritocracy and a free market and letting the chips fall where they may and all that. Why rein in Donald Trump out of some kind of misguided desire for "fairness"? They're beginning to sound like a Rush Limbaugh caricature of a liberal to me. Whining that he's cutting into your email list building opportunity is like whining that LeBron James has too much time on the court. As long as he's holding his own and not burned out yet, let the man shine! Boo-hoo, Trump's loud mouth is making it hard for you to get the screen time necessary to get Grandma Mildred to sign up for your email list.Well, if you can't bring your best game, why are you even playing, ya babies? What are you, some kind of communists?