Rush Limbaugh: 'The typical low information woman' wants to sell her aborted fetus for profit
Rush Limbaugh speaks to Fox News on Sept. 15, 2014 [Fox News]

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh predicted that "typical lower information" women would try to profit from their abortions after conservatives falsely claimed that a deceptively edited video proved Planned Parenthood was selling aborted fetuses.

On his Wednesday radio show, Limbaugh agreed with a caller who said that women would begin suing Planned Parenthood for their share of the profits from abortions because the conservative Center for Medical Progress published a video which gave the impression that fetal tissue was being sold by the organization, a claim that has been debunked by

"Now that these mothers are finding out that their gestational tissue has been sold to the highest bidder, watch for the lawsuits for them wanting to demand their share of the profits from what they thought was being donated," Gabe told Limbaugh.

According to Limbaugh, part of Planned Parenthood's strategy was to lure in "low information people," and then profit off of their abortions.

"Everybody wants to matter, everybody wants to think they are contributing to the advancement of the human race, even when they are having an abortion," he laughed. "So Planned Parenthood can convince them that they are furthering humanity by doing this."

Limbaugh agreed that Gabe was "probably right" about women wanting to profit from their abortions.

"The typical low information woman who thinks that she is serving humanity, then finds out that she's being screwed and wants her take -- especially after what the abortion cost her -- she's going to want her take of what they're selling," he opined. "[She's] going to want her Lamborghini too right along with Ma Richards daughter, who wants here Lamborghini. It's a good point, Gabe."

Listen to the audio below from The Rush Limbaugh Program via Media Matters.